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We love Central Coast businesses

Maximum Xposure has become one of the Central Coast’s leading website design companies in it’s 9 years in business.

We’re not just about cookie cutter website design.

What do we mean by cookie cutter website design? Being a very competitive industry, a few of the Central Coast website design businesses cut costs by using one or two “templates” or “themes” for their website designs and then simply change the site colours to make them appear different.

What does this mean for your business?

Well think of “old school” marketing for a moment, you wouldn’t spend your hard earned money on a newspaper advertisement that looked exactly the same as someone else’s would you? So why would you do it with your website design?

This is a great way for some website design agencies to offer cheap websites, but, like any marketing you have one chance to make a first impression – so make sure it’s the right first impression.

Central Coast Website Design

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Website designs of any size

We love all of our clients, no matter how big or small your business is.

The Central Coast is an incredibly unique area. Being located between Sydney and Newcastle has meant that many large companies have recently decided to call the Central Coast home.

We have a range of large clients, but, also remember how difficult it is to start a small business so are always happy to spend the time necessary with businesses or any size, to learn about your business and then deliver a website that exceeds your expectations.

Central Coast Website Design for businesses of all sizes

Central Coast WordPress development

WordPress - Our preferred Content Management System

WordPress gives you the power to edit your own content.

We discovered early on that our Central Coast clients were pretty tech savvy and wanted to be able to manage all facets of their businesses, including their websites. This meant that we needed to find a content management system that was simple for them to use but allowed us to still fully customise their website look and functionality. After trialling several content management systems, we found that WordPress ticked all the boxes for both us and our clients.

Berkley Fishing website

Custom Website Design

We really love custom website design. Regardless of your industry, Maximum Xposure can design a website for you, with the functionality that you need and to meet your allocated budget. Why not contact us and see how we can assist your business?

enerje - ecommerce website

E-Commerce Website Design

What better way to make an income than to have an e-commerce website that never closes? We’ve developed e-commerce websites for businesses with 5 products and others with over 1000 products. No matter what size e-commerce website you require, Maximum Xposure can deliver. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Small Business Website Design

The power of the internet is that it’s a level playing field for businesses of any size. A professional looking, well designed website can make your business look just as impressive as your largest competitor. We’ll take the time to learn about your business, study your competitors, then design a website that gets your business noticed. Why not call us today to arrange a meeting?

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