Graphic Design

Graphic design is at the core of everything that we do

We deliver innovative creative solutions designed to engage and inspire. Our design work is always strategically led and focused on the visual communication and presentation of your business.

Whether your business requires business cards or stationery. flyers, brochures and catalogues or even material for trade shows like signage, vinyl banners and promotional products. At Maximum Xposure, we’re able to offer a design solution that will perfectly compliment all of your existing branding.

Maximum Xposure Stationery Mock-Up

Go on, what have you got to lose?

That's right... We can print it too

What good is a design if it can’t be printed?

At Maximum Xposure we have over the years developed a network of printers who we trust. It’s taken a lot of trial, error and expense to find the companies that can offer the best quality printing for each product that we supply. Just because a print house can turn out exceptional business cards, doesn’t mean that they will be the best at printing envelopes etc. We’ve done the leg work and are able to offer a quality print service for any type of media.

Offest and digital printing by Maximum Xposure

Letterbox distribution

Stand out from your competition

In an age of digital media overload, stand out from your competitors with something tangible.

While we’re the first to admit that email marketing plays a role in many sectors to maintain engagement of customers, it’s not a one size fits all by any means. We’ve seen a growth in engagement through more tangible printed media. With high competition in the printing sector it’s seen a fall in pricing on many items in recent times. Have you considered print marketing? Why not give us a call today to discuss how it could help promote your business.

Not just business cards & flyers

It’s becoming more difficult to stand out from your competitors.

At times you need maximum impact in your foyer, office or at a trade show. Maximum Xposure can design, print and supply all types of promotional signage from pull up banners and tear drop banners through to table throws and coreflute signage. We currently supply coreflute real estate signs to several of the Central Coast’s leading real estate agencies.

Pull Up Banners

What's the difference between Offset and Digital Printing?

Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Offset, or conventional printing, has changed little since the original steam powered offset press was first developed in 1906. It involves a mechanical process of applying layers of ink to paper with a series of rollers. Each roller has its own specified ink – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black — or CMYK. As each of these rollers pass over the page, they transfer ink and build layers of colors, resulting in complete images and text on the page. Additionally, specialised colours called Pantones or PMS colors can be added to the layout if very specific colors are needed, for instance in a logo.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing eliminates the numerous steps involved in the offset printing process, such as creating films and plates for ink rollers. Most digital presses today apply ink in a single pass from a single ink head, similar to common inkjet printers found in homes and offices. This keeps costs lower for lower print runs, usually up to 500 units. Over 500 units it’s more cost effective to go with an offset process.

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